• VivaldiLaFollia FFlat - Notes, Score, Parts_Page_01

    Arranged by Heather Fortune

    This is a digital score available for download only.  It is scored here for Flute, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, and Keyboard. This XML score can be performed "as is" or adjusted to fit your specific teaching situation! Along with the digital score and individual parts, you will receive access to the XML files that can be uploaded to your notation software of choice and adjusted/re-arranged.
  • A New Band Approach cover

    by Meghan Cabral

    (106 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. Are you looking for a new and more efficient way to approach beginning band? LOOK NO FURTHER. This teacher guide will give you all the tools you need to flip your classroom into a much more efficient beginning band experience for both you and your students.
  • Be the Light BTL cover
    Sheet Music for immediate download This product contains a PDF and MP3s for digital download.  Inspired by Amanda Gorman's poem, The Hill We Must Climb, this up-tempo song will inspire singers, young and old. Be the Light comes with a lead sheet, choral notation, and piano accompaniment as well as instrumental and vocal backing tracks. This song will inspire your young singers to embrace their brilliance and work together to Be the Light in their communities and world! Sample Track:
  • Sale!

    by Heather Fortune

    (44 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  This book will empower you to create student-centered programs, utilize powerful tech tools, and build community through music. Drawing for decades of experience, Heather Fortune provides inspiration to question and re-imagine school instrumental programs.
  • choral connections

    By Marci Major and Hannah Knauss

    (146 pages PLUS over 100 pages of editable materials) This is an eBook for digital download. 
    Do you wonder how best to blend in-person and online learning? Are you looking for ways to keep your ensemble members connected and engaged for this upcoming year? Packed with projects to connect and engage you and your students more to each other, music, and the world, this book will empower students to be in a growth mindset in and beyond the rehearsal setting. Even though we focus on the choral setting, directors of all ensemble types will find valuable information in this 140 page book. By purchasing this book, you'll also receive over 100 pages in supplemental material including editable worksheets, assessments, and student examples!
  • by Steve Holley

    (150 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble is a comprehensive guide for the music teacher striving to meet the changing needs of their students, the university music educator examining our current music education paradigm, and the band director trying to expand their school’s music program. Using his broad experiences as an educator and Memphis musician, Holley details the philosophy and approaches he developed to create a culturally responsive, learner-driven popular music program.
  • Computer Cat

    by Donna Rhodenizer

    (93 pages) This is an e-book for digital download. Purchase includes PDF and audio files. Computer Cat is a delightful collection of 12 original songs that can be used by young singers at recitals, festivals and other presentations. Teachers love the fresh and original lyrics and the musicality of the songs and they are a favorite with both soloists and choirs. The right to make copies is included with the purchase of the Computer Cat song collection. This song collection is a fantastic resource for private and classroom music teachers (more info below)
  • concert gallery

    A Resource for You & Your Musicians

    This is a digital resource.
    Are you looking for a way to incorporate more project-based-learning into your choral classroom? Do you want to connect your community with individuals in your ensemble? This resource includes a step-by-step guide to creating a visual gallery for your in-person or virtual concert. Student worksheets are available via editable google docs.  
  • Creative Activities for Young Bands music eBook contents Creative Activities for Young Bands music eBook cover

    by Matthew Clauhs

    This is an eBook for digital download. This e-book presents a variety of exploration, improvisation, and composition activities that foster creativity in young band students, and serves as a supplement to a traditional band method book. This interactive resource includes video examples, play-along accompaniments, lesson plans, and customizable worksheets, all designed to work with any instrumentation in small group and large group band settings
  • by Sarah Gulish and Victoria Boler

    (12 Pages + over 25 pages of editable resources)

    This is an eBook for digital download.  The purpose of this book is to provide resources for music teachers looking to collect data to better advocate for their programs and reach students. This interactive PDF describes the various types of data, how they can be collected, and how they can be used to create a music program story to share with community members and administrators. Each purchase includes access to a google drive folder with dozens of resources and templates that can be copied and edited, including email templates, google questionnaire forms for students, parents, and colleagues, conversation starters with administrators, sample qualitative stories, sample quantitative stories, and more.
  • Sale!

    by Theresa Hoover

    (60 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  This book a one-stop-shop for music teachers looking to get started, or expand their experiences, with technology in the classroom. Help your students see themselves as musicians both inside and outside the music room by empowering them in the ensemble setting.
  • by Edward Varner

    (40 Pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  How can we effectively advocate for the value of ensemble programs? Many educators and parents remain unaware of the value of the school band beyond obvious, natural entertainment contexts and find it easy to devalue school band along with other arts programming. This text highlights evidence that supports music and school band as methods to achieve improved student success in school. This eBook will better inform decisions that school administrators make about existing scheduling challenges and financial dilemmas facing American schools.    


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