• guitar curriculum cover

    by Sarah Gulish

    (37 pages plus video tutorials and handouts) This is an eBook for digital download. The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum is a must-read for any music educator tasked with teaching a modern guitar class. This detailed text provides philosophy, unit plans, and resources for the development and execution of a relevant and engaging guitar program. The second edition includes updated visuals and curricular extensions.
  • by Sarah Gulish 

    This is an eBook for digital download. There is growing evidence that a regular gratitude practice will improve well-being and mental health. However, what does it look like to have a regular classroom gratitude practice? This resource contains 50 journal prompts/discussion questions centered on ten themes of gratitude. The questions are general enough to apply to any music classroom at any age level.
  • by Heather Fortune

    (44 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  This book will empower you to create student-centered programs, utilize powerful tech tools, and build community through music. Drawing for decades of experience, Heather Fortune provides inspiration to question and re-imagine school instrumental programs.
  • by Theresa Hoover

    (60 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  This book a one-stop-shop for music teachers looking to get started, or expand their experiences, with technology in the classroom. Help your students see themselves as musicians both inside and outside the music room by empowering them in the ensemble setting.
  • by S. Elias James

    (102 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  The Music Tech Student is a compendium of information covering every major music technology topic. It’s a concise and unbiased look at the basics without leaving anything out. You’ll find it’s a fantastic trove of just the right answers to the most common questions from topics including careers, the nature of sound, acoustics, recording studios, DAWs, electronic music, audio processing, live sound, and marketing.


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