• by S. Elias James

    (102 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  The Music Tech Student is a compendium of information covering every major music technology topic. It’s a concise and unbiased look at the basics without leaving anything out. You’ll find it’s a fantastic trove of just the right answers to the most common questions from topics including careers, the nature of sound, acoustics, recording studios, DAWs, electronic music, audio processing, live sound, and marketing.
  • by Chelsea Perrine

    (65 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  In this book, you will find research to support a well-rounded and focused education for music students with special needs, templates for goal tracking and lesson planning, and suggestions for lessons and units for your students. This adaptive music curriculum is geared towards secondary-level students. This is the second publication in the Kent State Curriculum Series.
  • From Across the Street

    From Across the Street takes Pati, an American Dominican girl who visits her Grandmother in the Dominican Republic during the summertime, on a musical exploration into one of the most widely spread Dominican folkloric musical traditions, “Los Palos.” Readers will enjoy learning about the different sounds and instruments in the culture of the Dominican Palos tradition. Del otro lado de la calle lleva a Pati, una niña dominicana estadounidense que va a visitar a su abuela a la República Dominicana en los veranos, a una exploración musical de una de las tradiciones folclóricas musicales dominicanas más difundidas, los Palos. Los lectores disfrutarán aprendiendo sobre los diferentes sonidos e instrumentos en la cultura de la tradición dominicana de los Palos. This is a digital download that includes a PDF and a web-based interactive flipbook
  • Living in Harmony

    Living in Harmony featuring lead vocalist Allison Suey, is a musical work inspired by recent national and worldwide events that have impacted our communities. The lyric establishes that it is possible to live in harmony with one another but it’s a choice we each individually must make. Available for flexible choral arrangements and with piano accompaniment or full orchestration.  Sample Track:
  • by Sarah Gulish

    (37 pages plus video tutorials and handouts) This is an eBook for digital download. The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum is a must-read for any music educator tasked with teaching a modern guitar class. This detailed text provides philosophy, unit plans, and resources for the development and execution of a relevant and engaging guitar program. The second edition includes updated visuals and curricular extensions.
  • Interactive eBook This is an eBook for digital download. Each purchase comes with a PDF version of the book and an interactive flipbook with sound.  Ms. Niki’s Music in the Air eBook takes children on a journey to discover sounds that are always around us. In the story, Ms. Niki asks children in her Music class to listen closely to the sounds and the rhythmic patterns in the air. First, Ms. Niki’s Music Class follows her to the playground to discover the sounds of music. Those sounds include the clapping of children cheering. Next, they begin to clap to the beat. Then Ms. Niki gets the children to hear the rhythms of the stomps from children dancing. Lastly, she points out the pattern of sounds from the insects in the trees. Note: To access the interactive flipbook, you must check out with an account, not anonymously.
  • by Gareth Dylan Smith

    69 Pages This is an eBook for digital download. This book is aimed at intermediate to more advanced drummers. Written by a seasoned professional drummer and drum educator from London, England, Sound Advice for Drummers provides tips and provocations about practising, performing, rehearsing, recording and creating music from behind the drums. It is an essential read for aspiring professional drummers.
  • by Yeshima

    This is a PDF for digital download.  The purpose of this lesson plan is to present a well-rounded approach to music that engages the learner from multiple perspectives using accessible instruments found around the home, as well as the voice and body percussion.  The pedagogy originated from a collection of philosophies found in Orff Schulwerk, Social and Emotional Learning, Community Drum Circles, and Mindfulness. These lessons can be modified for homeschool populations, Non-Traditional Instruction, General Music Classes, and/or community-building events.  This PDF includes links to YouTube videos, plans, and materials for a lesson plan centered on Peace! 
  • by Benjamin Taylor and Joseph Sowa

    (23 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. Creativity and collaboration in the classroom is easier and more fun than you might think. The creative exercises and improvisational games collected in this book were designed to help students of all abilities feel comfortable in improvising and creating new music. They have been road tested by the Music Creators Academy and are now being used as a resource by band, choir, and orchestra directors with great success.
  • by Steve Holley

    (150 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. Coaching a Popular Music Ensemble is a comprehensive guide for the music teacher striving to meet the changing needs of their students, the university music educator examining our current music education paradigm, and the band director trying to expand their school’s music program. Using his broad experiences as an educator and Memphis musician, Holley details the philosophy and approaches he developed to create a culturally responsive, learner-driven popular music program.
  • by Amelia Garbisch

    (35 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. Teaching Music in the Virtual Classroom: Elementary Edition contains comprehensive lesson plans and teaching resources designed for distance learning in Elementary Music. Within its pages, you will find tips and strategies to help plan creative lessons using the "CEEMS" method of virtual teaching (collaborate, energize, engage, motivate, support).  Activities include interactive music games, energizing and amusing short activities, and collaborative ideas to help motivate and engage your students.
  • Compiled by David A. Williams

    ( 459 pages) This is an electronic resource for digital download.  This book contains ten curricular settings for guitar classes that are based on learner-centered pedagogical principles. Each class example was created by a pair of undergraduate music education students who were enrolled in a music education methods class designed to build skills in learner-centered techniques. These students were also co-enrolled in an ensemble course where they put their understanding into practice. In addition, they worked with k-12 students in learner-centered practicum settings. While the students lacked full-time teaching experience they were certainly grounded in learner-centered pedagogical concepts. Our hope is that music teachers, at all levels, will find ideas and inspiration in this book. Ideas and inspiration for interesting new music classes that include guitars, and for ways to enhance existing guitar classes. Ideas and inspiration that will stimulate students and help them grow into lifelong music makers.


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