FABSS 2020 Replay


Over 20 presentations from the 2020 F-flat Annual Back-to-School Symposium as Downloadable MP4 videos.

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(For full presentation descriptions, see the FABSS 2020 page)

Dr. Rollo Dilworth

KEYNOTE: Putting our Songs to Work: Social Justice in the Music Classroom

Anne Fennell

Social-Emotional Musical Learning— Intentional Integration of Habits of Mind into Music Education

Marci Major & Hannah Knauss

Beyond the Virtual Ensemble – Focusing on People and Process

Amelia Garbisch

Fundraising and Grant-Writing in Music Education

Eric Jimenez & Justin McLean

Emotional Deposits: Fostering Relationships in the Music Classroom

Franklin Willis

Using Interactive Literature: The Power of a Story

Danielle Larrick

Project Based Learning in the Choral Classroom

Gareth Dylan Smith

(Re-)Discovering Spirituality at the Drum Kit

Chelsea Dehner and Riane Lumer

Imagine that! Connecting Your School Community through Music

Darlene Machacon

Introduction to Breaking the Cycle of Elementary Eurocentric Music Approaches

Sarah Gulish, Marissa Guarriello, and Matthew Shaffer

The Creative String Orchestra: Strategies for remote and in-person creative work

Michelle Rose

Back to School Virtual Edition: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Music Creators Academy (Ben Taylor)

Creating Music with a Virtual Ensemble

Synthia MacEachern

Sing, Play, Move, Create – Spiraling Instruction from K to 3

Jessica Peresta

Making Your Classroom Your Own… Even If You’re Teaching

Erol Ozsever

Guitar & Ukuele: Strumming for Kinesthetic Learning

Beth Philemon

#morepeoplesinging….even online

Naarah Callender

Popular Music in the Classroom

Michelle Rose

What’s Your Student Engagement Plan?: Classroom Management for the Virtual Music Educator

Steve Holley

Five Ways to Engage Your Students in Hybrid Rehearsals

Nathaniel Strawbridge

Drumming & Grooving: A World Drumming Experience for ALL

Sarah Gulish and Victoria Boler

Data Stories: Research-Based Conversations with Administration

Note: Not all presentations from FABSS 2020 are available in the replay.



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