The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum 2nd Edition


by Sarah Gulish

(37 pages plus video tutorials and handouts)

This is an eBook for digital download.

The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum is a must-read for any music educator tasked with teaching a modern guitar class. This detailed text provides philosophy, unit plans, and resources for the development and execution of a relevant and engaging guitar program. The second edition includes updated visuals and curricular extensions.


The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum is a resource for practicing teachers, whether in a classroom or studio setting. This book contains details for the planning and execution of a comprehensive modern guitar curriculum. It is focused on new music learners, particularly those who are studying guitar in middle or high school. In this book, Dr. Sarah Gulish shares the lessons she has learned from over a decade of experience as a classroom guitar teacher. From class setup and managing expectations, to specific unit plans with accompanying materials, this book contains everything you need to teach beginning guitarists.

The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum begins with the history of the specific approach presented in the book along with considerations for embarking on teaching guitar to a wide range of students. The second half of the book contains specific unit plans addressing knowledge and skills relative to playing the guitar. Such skills include fingerpicking, strumming, songwriting, improvisation, and much more. This interactive PDF has video demonstrations linked throughout the content as well as assessment materials and classroom handouts. All unit plans are easily adaptable to a variety of songs and styles and main concepts are presented and supported through projects and activities.

Whether a seasoned guitar instructor or new teacher, this book will provide you with the necessary tools to craft and execute a guitar curriculum that is relevant and accessible to students.

Included with the eBook are…

• video examples
• classroom handouts
• assessments
• other resources via a shared folder

The second edition includes some curricular updates, new graphics, and helpful visuals for moving through each unit.


Sarah Gulish

About the Author

Gulish holds a Ph.D in music education from Temple University. Since 2007, Sarah has taught at Lower Moreland High School located in Pennsylvania in the U.S.A.. She serves as Adjunct Professor of Music Education at SUNY Buffalo State and Temple University. Her teaching centers on creativity and she is an active researcher, writer, presenter, and clinician at the state, national, and international levels. Her experience as a popular musician has influenced her curricula and philosophy as a music educator and is detailed in her book, Creativity in the Classroom: An Innovative Approach to Integrate Music Education.

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