Winter Soup Performance Tracks and Sing-Along Tracks (WAV, MP3)


by Kat Reinhert

(16 tracks)

This product includes MP3 and WAV files for digital download. 

A small collection of original secular winter songs and accompanying lesson plan ideas and concepts. With styles of music from country to jazz to funk, these songs are sure to delight students, parents and teachers alike. Smart, sophisticated and modern.These tracks accompany the book, Winter Soup, and can be used for teaching or performing the songs from that collection.

Note: This track collection does not include “The Season Full of Cold and Snow”


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Many teachers find it challenging to locate secular winter music that is age-appropriate, engaging, educational, and takes into account the modern day world in which we live with all its diversity. This small collection of secular winter songs hopes to address some of this inequity.

This book came out of the desire to create engaging, fun and diverse songs for students in elementary and secondary music programs. Many different genres and styles are included – from jazz to country to funk, and each of the songs have both an accompanying original track with vocals as well as a performance track, giving teachers without access to musical resources the ability to rehearse and ultimately perform the enclosed songs with their students.

In addition, every song also has accompanying educational concepts, lesson ideas, listening suggestions, lead sheets, and for the young students, coloring pages, that can be used to help integrate both musical and school curriculums into the teaching of each song as well as correlations to national music standards.

Note: “The Season Full of Cold and Snow” is not available as a recording. 


Kat Reinhert


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