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In light of COVID-19…

We’ve temporary switched our focus to providing free resources

With the Coronavirus, a lot of music teachers found themselves having to teach remotely. So, we decided to put together as many free teaching resources as we could to help you.

For more remote-teaching resources, see our post Teaching Music Online: Strategies and Resources.

F-flat is also teaming up with Marci Major from West Chester University

to pair people and organizations with musical need to graduate and undergraduate music education students would could benefit from a service-learning opportunity. This is FREE and open to all people needing help through and with music including teachers, community program directors, parents, public service employees, etc. No problem is too big or too small!

Music service learning during COVID-19

Not finding a solution or source
for what you envision?
Want some help creating a plan?

Music Service Learning Request
Music Service Learning Request

Wondering how you can help?
Sign up to be paired with an
organization in musical need.

Music Service Learning Helper
Music Service Learning Helper

This will always be a FREE
service. Consider donating
to help offset our costs.

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