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Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-19T17:45:35-05:00
Who designs your eBooks?2022-09-22T11:50:28-05:00

Our model is author-centric, meaning, the authors get the majority of profits from sales. Because of this, we allow authors to DIY their book from start to finish or to pay our in-house editors and designers to finish the book for them. When an author decides to publish with us, we provide tools and templates for creating a compelling eBook design. However, the final look of the book is up to each individual author.

How do you price your eBooks?2022-09-22T11:50:53-05:00

When pricing an eBook, we consider the following: amount of content (including external links and resources), prices of similar books, and author input. We suggest a price range to our authors and they decide how they want to price their book.

For all of our books, 5% of proceeds go towards non-profit partners. These are elected by the authors.

What’s with your title? “F-flat”?2022-09-22T11:51:18-05:00

When we first came up with the concept for F-flat books, we were looking for a title that would be catchy and would appeal to the niche market of music educators. In western music, the note “F Flat” is essentially the same as “E Natural.” These are called enharmonic equivalents. In selling eBooks, we thought it would be fun to use a title that would be the equivalent of “eBooks” for musicians.

How do I publish with F-flat Books?2022-09-23T09:48:43-05:00

Are you an author looking for a supportive space to share your ideas? Want to know if F-flat is the right platform? Check out our author packet here to learn more about submitting to F-flat Books.

I have an eBook on Fflat-books but no longer want to publish on the site.2019-07-03T18:06:04-05:00

As an Fflat-books author, you retain 100% of your rights! Send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Why are your books sold in PDF form instead of epub form?2022-09-22T11:31:40-05:00

Traditional eBooks are sold in epub form, meaning an html based file that can be easily manipulated and viewed on an e-reader. However, some eBooks are sold in PDF form for the purpose of printing and viewing on a variety of devices. With a mission to make music education texts accessible and readily useable, we have decided to sell our eBooks as PDFs (object-based files). That way, any exercises or lesson plans can be easily printed by the purchaser and the texts are not limited to viewing through an e-reader.


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