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Sarah Gulish holds a Ph.D in music education from Temple University. Since 2007, Sarah has taught at Lower Moreland High School located in Pennsylvania in the U.S.A.. She serves as Adjunct Professor of Music Education at SUNY Buffalo State and Temple University. Her teaching centers on creativity and she is an active researcher, writer, presenter, and clinician at the state, national, and international levels. Her experience as a popular musician has influenced her curricula and philosophy as a music educator and is detailed in her book, Creativity in the Classroom: An Innovative Approach to Integrate Music Education. Read More →

2022 Summer PD Roundup

F-flat’s Guide to Summer Professional Development  Get ready, friends! In this post, we’ll share our recommendations for summer professional development that is relevant, meaningful, and fun! We are so lucky to have such a strong community of educators and authors, and many of them are busy sharing their [...]

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“Pandemic Flux Syndrome” and Teaching: Why it feels so hard

I read an article by social psychologist Amy Cuddy and JillElyn Riley titled, "Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious." I also heard Amy Cuddy talk about this article in an interview with Brene Brown and the term "pandemic flux syndrome." As an educator, everything [...]

Using Podcasts in Music Education

Are you a podcast listener? If so, you have probably listened to a podcast or two about music education. There are so many great examples out there. However, this post is not about music education podcasts (we'll save that for another time). This post is about using podcasts on music [...]

The Familiar and the Uncertain: Teaching in Fall 2020

THE RUN Last week, I started on my usual 5 AM run. I laced up my shoes, donned all of my safety gear, and started on the route I had planned. I had my Spotify playlist on blast, trying to wake myself up as I took my initial [...]


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