From Self-Published to Oxford

I am passionate about music education, specifically Popular Music Education, Creativity, and Informal Learning. So passionate, in fact, that I have written two books under my own publishing company, Steve's Music Room Publishing, and have been commissioned for a third through the Oxford University Press--yes, that Oxford University [...]

A Newfound Purpose as a Black Teacher in China

During the onset of the virus, I became stuck in the United States, unable to go back to my home in China. It was during this time that the world - and specifically the US - seemed to be overwhelmed with injustices. Our social media feeds were filled [...]

Research in action: Student perceptions of a composition project within a concert band setting

Background This past year, I spent a lot of my time investigating and researching student perceptions of  composition projects that they were completing in their band class. This research was for my master’s field project but the entire process was incredibly enlightening and informative. The research showed [...]


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