2022 Summer PD Roundup

F-flat’s Guide to Summer Professional Development  Get ready, friends! In this post, we’ll share our recommendations for summer professional development that is relevant, meaningful, and fun! We are so lucky to have such a strong community of educators and authors, and many of them are busy sharing their [...]

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My Instruction Philosophy

My focus is not to train students to just reproduce prepared material. I want students to understand what they play, not just play it. When instructing beginners or introducing a new subject — dumb it down, leave stuff out. Make it easy as possible. Once the student [...]

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“Pandemic Flux Syndrome” and Teaching: Why it feels so hard

I read an article by social psychologist Amy Cuddy and JillElyn Riley titled, "Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious." I also heard Amy Cuddy talk about this article in an interview with Brene Brown and the term "pandemic flux syndrome." As an educator, everything [...]

The Asterisk: Ableist Language

Welcome to The Asterisk*, a new regular column where we’ll chat about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in music education. The function of an asterisk is to quickly give readers a baseline of knowledge so the reader can dive into content. This column aims to introduce or refresh [...]

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We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails

Since our schools closed their doors almost five weeks ago, I have been flooded with so many emotions. For a while, I could not really determine what these emotions were. I just knew each day felt different. After reflecting, I began to realize that what I was feeling [...]

Music Beyond the Classroom: Interview with Stage Manager, Sami Slovy

For this installment of our music beyond the classroom series, we caught up with master-of-all-trades, Sami Slovy. In 15 years, Sami has built a name for herself as a well-respected person in the music industry. She's worked as a tour manager (Neko Case, Trombone Shorty), production manager (Beach [...]


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