Why Self-Care and Rest Should be a Priority to College Music Majors

As a Music Education major, I am not a stranger to the extraneous workload, unbalanced and crazy class schedules, and a lack of clarity in when/how to take breaks. It can be argued that music degree programs are some of the most demanding in the University curriculum. [...]


Many musicians love using the word “collaboration,” a scenario that so often results in one party becoming an unpaid subcontractor experiencing minuscule gains for their sole-proprietorship for the sake of another party’s scalability and benefit. Musicians: Be wary of the words, “Let’s collaborate!”  Musicians-to-musician interactions: Take time to [...]

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The Asterisk: Representation and Diversifying Visual Aids

Welcome to The Asterisk*, a new regular column where we’ll chat about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in music education. An asterisk's function is to quickly give readers a baseline of knowledge so the reader can dive into content. This column aims to introduce or refresh deia concepts [...]

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