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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Using Exit Tickets to Foster Joy

Today’s Topic:  Culturally responsive teaching with exit tickets (fostering joy) Today’s Tip:   Utilize daily exit tickets for qualitative data that informs your practice. Exit tickets work!  Since the pandemic started, I have been using exit tickets to gauge student engagement and understanding. It started as a [...]

The “New Normal”: Running a Popular Music Program in Australia

Like most, if not all, music institutions around the world, the lockdown resulting from COVID-19 necessitated a swift move of all of our teaching to online, and a consequent steep learning curve especially for instrumental and ensemble teachers who had never had to operate in that kind of [...]

The “New Normal”: Teaching Elementary Music in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Heading back to the classroom on Prince Edward Island I love my beautiful province. It is tiny, surrounded by water, and a protected haven from the chaos of our present health crisis. Prince Edward Island has managed to stay safe from community transmission of COVID -19. With [...]

The Familiar and the Uncertain: Teaching in Fall 2020

THE RUN Last week, I started on my usual 5 AM run. I laced up my shoes, donned all of my safety gear, and started on the route I had planned. I had my Spotify playlist on blast, trying to wake myself up as I took my initial [...]

A Newfound Purpose as a Black Teacher in China

During the onset of the virus, I became stuck in the United States, unable to go back to my home in China. It was during this time that the world - and specifically the US - seemed to be overwhelmed with injustices. Our social media feeds were filled [...]


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