About Naarah Callender

Naarah Callender is a music teacher in her fourth year. After graduating with her Bachelors in Music Education from Kennesaw State University, she embarked on her first journey to teach K-12 general music and choir in Seoul, South Korea. She has lived abroad for the entirety of her teaching career. From Korea to her present life in China, she has been enjoying every moment of adventure, challenge, and new understanding that comes with immersion in a different culture. Naarah lives with her dog, Ollie, and cat Duke in the Nansha District of Guangzhou, where she has been teaching middle school general music and choir for three years.

A Newfound Purpose as a Black Teacher in China

During the onset of the virus, I became stuck in the United States, unable to go back to my home in China. It was during this time that the world - and specifically the US - seemed to be overwhelmed with injustices. Our social media feeds were filled [...]

Viral teaching: How the coronavirus has changed my work

The start of corona It would be extremely difficult to turn on the TV, radio, or even YouTube without seeing some form of announcement or article about the novel coronavirus -- not so lovingly called “corona” for short by some of us who have found ourselves closest to [...]

A Regular Teacher in a Not-So-Regular Place

Travel: An Interactive Museum Follow Naarah's adventures on Instagram @callender_abroad Imagine visiting a country with a culture completely different from yours: the food, mannerisms, and societal expectations. In this moment, this life seems exciting, like walking through an interactive museum. You’re encouraged by friends and [...]


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