• Naarah Blog Post

A Newfound Purpose as a Black Teacher in China

During the onset of the virus, I became stuck in the United States, unable to go back to my home in China. It was during this time that the world - and specifically the US - seemed to be overwhelmed with injustices. Our social media feeds were filled [...]

  • shifting focus

Shifting Focus: What I learned during distance learning

“Okay, that’s it!  Anyone who has questions can stay on the call; otherwise, you are free to go.  I miss you all!  Have a wonderful summer!” (double waves and beams)  This was how I ended my last 7th-grade choir class of the year.  It took place on Zoom, [...]

  • Megan Kuhar

Integrating Entrepreneurial Technology into the Music Curriculum

Integrating Entrepreneurial Technology into the Music Curriculum The term “music technology” is a vague identifier for a subject that tends to be lumped into the “other” department of study in collegiate and high school-level music programs. Common lesson plans in a music technology course include composing electronic music, [...]

  • sum of the parts

The sum of the parts: My experience creating a virtual ensemble

I've never had a "traditional" view of my orchestra classroom. Perhaps this is due in part to the fact that I am a non-traditional orchestral director. While that may be a story for another time, it's important to note that I have always strived to make my music [...]

  • Danielle Post

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails

Since our schools closed their doors almost five weeks ago, I have been flooded with so many emotions. For a while, I could not really determine what these emotions were. I just knew each day felt different. After reflecting, I began to realize that what I was feeling [...]