• shifting focus

Shifting Focus: What I learned during distance learning

“Okay, that’s it!  Anyone who has questions can stay on the call; otherwise, you are free to go.  I miss you all!  Have a wonderful summer!” (double waves and beams)  This was how I ended my last 7th-grade choir class of the year.  It took place on Zoom, [...]

Teaching Music Online: Strategies and Resources

(Note: this post will continue to be updated with resources as they come in) As I write this post, I am looking at a dozens of text messages from other teachers in my school district. We just received news that we would be closed for at least [...]

  • I wrote a song a day for a month

I wrote a song a day for a month. Here’s what I learned.

Are you a songwriter? Do you want to be a songwriter? I've thought a lot about songwriting this past year. Last spring, I taught a course at Temple University for undergraduate music education majors called collaboration and creativity. One of the assignments was to write a song. For [...]

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  • Every Good Book Deserves Funds

Every Good Book Deserves Funds

"A new royalty statement is available for Sarah Gulish." I saw an email in my inbox a few weeks ago with this subject line. When I clicked on the link and went to my author portal, I scrolled down to see my payout for the 2018 year: [...]

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