Growing Young Professionals: Contracts

For this installment of Growing Young Professionals, we will discuss contracts with none other than Dr. Jenny Neff, Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the MM in Music Education & Summer Music Studies Program at the University of the Arts. So, what are contracts? Most people [...]

The New Normal: Starting a Job During a Pandemic

I started a new job this fall at Boston University and I love it. I am an Assistant Professor of Music (Music Education). My job is mostly to work with graduate students on interesting, challenging topics and publish research in my area of expertise. Basically, my dream job [...]

Growing Young Professionals: Human Resources

In this installment of Growing Young Professionals, we will be talking about Human Resource Management! So, what is HRM? Most young professionals have heard of a Human Resources (HR) department, but not many have interacted with one. Most large scale organizations (school districts, businesses) have an HR department [...]

Growing Young Professionals: An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to F-Flat’s new blog, Growing Young Professionals! The purpose of this blog is to answer practical and logistical questions young professionals, more specifically new teachers, have when entering the work environment. Often, the collegiate experience heartily prepares you to teach your subject in a standard [...]

Integrating Entrepreneurial Technology into the Music Curriculum

Integrating Entrepreneurial Technology into the Music Curriculum The term “music technology” is a vague identifier for a subject that tends to be lumped into the “other” department of study in collegiate and high school-level music programs. Common lesson plans in a music technology course include composing electronic music, [...]

Routines and Boundaries: Managing anxiety during crisis

I am a music education college professor who teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. I also keep a foot in the schools by teaching one day a week at a PreK–6 Montessori school. What you are about to read is my specific response to the crisis in which [...]

How to practice during a pandemic: Just keep swimming

The current pandemic has thrust the global population into a period of uncertainty unrivaled in recent history. Music students at universities around the world are being forced to abandon the structure that has helped to frame their success and are now required to adapt their habits to fit [...]


As I watch the education world move to an all online learning, I’m struck positively by several things. First, I love how people are embracing this opportunity to explore new learning platforms! I find it amazing that so many companies have made materials free for teachers during this [...]


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