“Pandemic Flux Syndrome” and Teaching: Why it feels so hard

I read an article by social psychologist Amy Cuddy and JillElyn Riley titled, "Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious." I also heard Amy Cuddy talk about this article in an interview with Brene Brown and the term "pandemic flux syndrome." As an educator, everything [...]

The New Normal: Starting a Job During a Pandemic

I started a new job this fall at Boston University and I love it. I am an Assistant Professor of Music (Music Education). My job is mostly to work with graduate students on interesting, challenging topics and publish research in my area of expertise. Basically, my dream job [...]

The “New Normal”: Running a Popular Music Program in Australia

Like most, if not all, music institutions around the world, the lockdown resulting from COVID-19 necessitated a swift move of all of our teaching to online, and a consequent steep learning curve especially for instrumental and ensemble teachers who had never had to operate in that kind of [...]

The “New Normal”: Teaching Elementary Music in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Heading back to the classroom on Prince Edward Island I love my beautiful province. It is tiny, surrounded by water, and a protected haven from the chaos of our present health crisis. Prince Edward Island has managed to stay safe from community transmission of COVID -19. With [...]


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