2022 Summer PD Roundup

F-flat’s Guide to Summer Professional Development  Get ready, friends! In this post, we’ll share our recommendations for summer professional development that is relevant, meaningful, and fun! We are so lucky to have such a strong community of educators and authors, and many of them are busy sharing their [...]

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Why Self-Care and Rest Should be a Priority to College Music Majors

As a Music Education major, I am not a stranger to the extraneous workload, unbalanced and crazy class schedules, and a lack of clarity in when/how to take breaks. It can be argued that music degree programs are some of the most demanding in the University curriculum. [...]

Sigur Ros, Burnout, & the Joys of Making a Good Playlist

I have roughly 200 playlists in my Apple Music library. Not the algorithmic ones that our benevolent tech overlords provide for us - my very own creations. 200 of them. Perhaps that’s more than any sane human should have.  Most of them are for me. Some are [...]

“Pandemic Flux Syndrome” and Teaching: Why it feels so hard

I read an article by social psychologist Amy Cuddy and JillElyn Riley titled, "Why this stage of the pandemic makes us so anxious." I also heard Amy Cuddy talk about this article in an interview with Brene Brown and the term "pandemic flux syndrome." As an educator, everything [...]

Decolonizing Self-Care

Today’s Topic: Summertime Self-care  Today’s Tip: Decolonize your self-care routine by taking a thoughtful and holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing Background Information:  Summer is the perfect time to take stock of how you’ve been feeling since the close of the school year. Maybe you are still experiencing [...]

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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Using Exit Tickets to Foster Joy

Today’s Topic:  Culturally responsive teaching with exit tickets (fostering joy) Today’s Tip:   Utilize daily exit tickets for qualitative data that informs your practice. Exit tickets work!  Since the pandemic started, I have been using exit tickets to gauge student engagement and understanding. It started as a [...]


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