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Here you’ll find all blog posts related to Music Service Learning. MSL, createded in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a resource curation platform that’s open to all people needing help through and with music including teachers, community program directors, parents, public service employees, etc.


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Music Service Learning Update: Week 1

F-flat Books has partnered with #musicservicelearning, an organization led by Dr. Marci Major and aimed at providing valuable learning experiences for music education majors while helping others affected by COVID-19. Each week, MSL students will share completed and ongoing projects from around the world. Masterclass Project - written [...]

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As I watch the education world move to an all online learning, I’m struck positively by several things. First, I love how people are embracing this opportunity to explore new learning platforms! I find it amazing that so many companies have made materials free for teachers during this [...]

Teaching Music Online: Strategies and Resources

(Note: this post will continue to be updated with resources as they come in) As I write this post, I am looking at a dozens of text messages from other teachers in my school district. We just received news that we would be closed for at least [...]