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Here you’ll find all blog posts related to Music Service Learning. MSL, createded in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a resource curation platform that’s open to all people needing help through and with music including teachers, community program directors, parents, public service employees, etc.


Why Self-Care and Rest Should be a Priority to College Music Majors

As a Music Education major, I am not a stranger to the extraneous workload, unbalanced and crazy class schedules, and a lack of clarity in when/how to take breaks. It can be argued that music degree programs are some of the most demanding in the University curriculum. [...]

Sigur Ros, Burnout, & the Joys of Making a Good Playlist

I have roughly 200 playlists in my Apple Music library. Not the algorithmic ones that our benevolent tech overlords provide for us - my very own creations. 200 of them. Perhaps that’s more than any sane human should have.  Most of them are for me. Some are [...]

Growing Young Professionals: Contracts

For this installment of Growing Young Professionals, we will discuss contracts with none other than Dr. Jenny Neff, Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the MM in Music Education & Summer Music Studies Program at the University of the Arts. So, what are contracts? Most people [...]

Music Service Learning Update: Week 1

F-flat Books has partnered with #musicservicelearning, an organization led by Dr. Marci Major and aimed at providing valuable learning experiences for music education majors while helping others affected by COVID-19. Each week, MSL students will share completed and ongoing projects from around the world. Masterclass Project - written [...]

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