About Gabe Romero

Gabe Romero is a senior music education major at Temple University. Born and raised on Long Island, music has been his #1 passion since taking up the piano and the cello as a child. He decided to make that passion his career after his positive musical experiences in high school, which included performing as a soloist with his school orchestra at Carnegie Hall and participating in multiple choirs, jazz bands and church music groups. While studying at Temple, he has gotten many opportunities to hone his teaching skills, serving as an intern with Philadelphia String Project and Philly POPS, as well as teaching cello privately and working as a 1:1 aide for students with special needs during the summers. Gabe is excited to be working with Fflat Books this semester via Music Service Learning, an internship allowing college students to explore music education experiences beyond their coursework and help schools and organizations in need. In particular, Gabe has used the internship as an opportunity to explore the incorporation of popular music and student-centered creativity into all levels of music education. During his time with MSL, he has helped design integrated-arts curricula for Columbia Public Schools and a virtual songwriting/production unit for Interboro High School’s choirs. In addition to his blogs, he is also helping to create educational supplements to the fantastic Switched on Pop podcast! When not working, you might find Gabe hiking his favorite park trails, searching for more vinyls to add to his collection, or cooking anything involving pasta!

Sigur Ros, Burnout, & the Joys of Making a Good Playlist

I have roughly 200 playlists in my Apple Music library. Not the algorithmic ones that our benevolent tech overlords provide for us - my very own creations. 200 of them. Perhaps that’s more than any sane human should have.  Most of them are for me. Some are [...]


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