Edward’s Rhythm Sticks


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Music is Everywhere! Edward’s Rhythm Sticks is a story that shows how much music is a part of our lives. This story illustrates just how fun music can be and how even the simplest things can be made into instruments. This story is a great way for parents and teachers alike to teach rhythm, pattern and sequence. Most of all, parents and teachers can use this engaging interactive eBook to bridge learning, music, literacy and having fun together.

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Edward’s Rhythm Sticks is an interactive eBook with vibrant colors and easy to follow text and rhythms. The audio component aids younger students in auditory learning, matching sounds and keeping them engaged with the text. The accompanying teaching guide and activities help focus on key learning strategies and standards found in most elementary curricula today. Edwards rhythm sticks is not only a fun and engaging story, it can serve as an awesome tool for learning in an increasingly digital classroom and learning environment.

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About the Author

Franklin Willis is a music educator, entrepreneur, husband and dad. Franklin’s educational philosophy stems around the belief that every child has musical potential. He specializes in providing musical instruction through authentic culturally relevant teaching experiences to engage all children to achieve personal success. To learn more about Franklin visit his website at www.fwillismusic.com


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