A New Band Approach: A Guide for Teachers


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by Meghan Cabral

(106 pages)

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Are you looking for a new and more efficient way to approach beginning band? LOOK NO FURTHER. This teacher guide will give you all the tools you need to flip your classroom into a much more efficient beginning band experience for both you and your students.

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Not all band programs are created equal. Every program has a different structure and, therefore, different needs. I, as (I am sure) many of you, have tried many different approaches over the years to  teaching band. I have purchased countless theory books, individual theory pages and curricula, created rhythm charts, made my own theory sheets, and finally I decided to create a theory program along with a beginning band outline. This program not only worked best for my use, but turned out to be adaptable for other instructors.

It is my goal with this book to give you a foundation that you can use and change for your own needs. You may want to utilize the entire curriculum, you may utilize just sections, you may want to utilize all the theory pages but change the sequence to better suit your program. Whatever your needs are, I hope these pages are adaptable for your program.

It is possible to utilize this theory book interactively on a smartboard or projector as it can easily be opened as a PDF or printed into a Smart Notebook file. As you will see from the outline provided I highly recommend these pages to be utilized along with additional counting programs.

Included is information on:

  • counting
  • note names
  • additional theory concepts which can be done as a whole class of like instruments, as a whole band class, or students can work independently
  • curriculum outline for first few band classes


Meghan Cabral

About the Author

Meghan Cabral is currently the District Director of Music for the Carmel Central School district. Previous, Meghan spent 15 years teaching elementary and middle school band. Meghan stays active as an author for Music Education Publications including NAfME’s Teaching Music, Instrumentalist Magazine, Music Educator’s Journal, The Instrumentalist, School Band and Orchestra Magazine (SBO), as well as on many blogs such as NAfME’s online blog, Band Director’s Talk Shop, as well as Smart Music’s online blog. In addition to her article contributions Meghan was a 2017 Grammy Music Educator Semifinalist.

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5 reviews for A New Band Approach: A Guide for Teachers

  1. Sara

    This is a great program. When my oldest child first learned to play the clarinet in a band setting, there was not much focus on musical theory. She really struggled with the basics because she never learned it properly, and therefore had trouble playing songs properly. She ended up having to take private lessons to learn it. If her band director had used this program instead, my child would have learned musical theory along with her instrument and I wouldn’t have had to pay to supplement her instruction. “A New Band Approach” provides a well rounded curriculum that can meet the needs of all students learning in a band setting.

  2. Jessica

    As a young band director, “A New Band Approach” helps me make sure all my beginner band students develop a solid foundation on their instrument. Using a flipped classroom allows me to focus on giving students individual attention to catch mistakes early on before they became habits. It is super easy to adapt this guide to fit my program, I set all my flipped classroom assignments up in my Google Classroom page which helps me and my students stay organized. My administration loves how this program incorporates technology into my band class and lessons- my students have really put their iPads to use with the program! The #1 feedback I received from the parents is that they enjoy seeing the kids have a clear guide especially for assembling their instruments at home to avoid expensive repairs and frustrated students. I recommend this approach for any beginner band director!

  3. Brian

    This method is fantastic guide to utilize in the beginning band classroom. The way the book is outlined in a step by step nature allows the teacher to utilize handouts that are already created for the students. It also allows for the flexibility to add in your own materials or handouts if applicable.

    One of the most difficult things sometimes when starting beginners especially is getting them to appropriately practice at home without the teacher there with them. With these flipped classroom videos, not only can the student have the support of the teacher at home but parents can also get involved in the students practicing at home with the direction of the teacher (through the video).

    This is a MUST purchase for all beginning band teachers.

    The lessons outlined work for full band class, individualized instrument classes and can even be utilized for sub plans for non-music subs.

  4. Buddy

    This curriculum does a great job addressing the logistical challenges of teaching beginning band. The assignments are paced nicely, which allows students to develop skills (often unique to their own instruments) on their own. It allows a teacher to more effectively use class time to establish routines and develop a group’s skills for ensemble playing without neglecting the huge amounts of attention needed to develop a beginning student’s fundamental skills unique to their instrument. It also gives students a reference from which to practice at home, which is especially useful for a beginner. More students are coming to class prepared to identify pitches and have better concepts of their embouchure, posture, tonguing, and fewer instruments get broken!

  5. Sharon Vocke (verified owner)

    This is a great resource for teachers of middle school band students as well as for beginning band instructors. The materials can be used as is or edited to meet your needs and the flipped-classroom model is great for students reinforcement and for engaging parents in their scholars’ learning.
    I highly recommend this as a resource for during these Covid19 times and for the future we are hoping for as well.

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