Sensory Symphony


by Elise Hackl

(41 Pages)

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Sensory Symphony is a story that shows many unique ways to make music. This story demonstrates how sounds can be found all around us, and sometimes the tools that help us feel our best can also make fun music!




Sensory Symphony is a story that shows many unique ways to make music.  In Ms. H’s music class, students do not always like to engage in music in a “typical” way.  In order to discover different ways to make music, Ms. H brings out the sensory bin! Pop-its, fidgets, playdoh, and chewies make their way into the song, each with a different sound.  Students use the sounds of spinners, shakers, buttons, and more to create their parts, and when the ensemble comes together, a wonderful piece has begun. The ensemble plays their sensory tools to create a masterpiece- a sensory symphony!’

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elise hackl

About the Author

Elise Hackl (she/her) is an accessible music teacher near Chicago, working with neurodiverse individuals of all ages. Elise is a lifelong learner- with research centered on training and preparation for accessible classrooms. Elise’s contributions can be found around the country, including articles, presentations, and, most recently, a chapter for the GIA book Portraits of Music Education and Social Emotional Learning (edited by Scott Edgar, 2021). In addition, Elise is a member of the Music for All ‘Music SEL Support Team and currently serves as a judge and producer for the International Championships of High School and Collegiate a Cappella.


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