The Oz Guitar Method


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This beginning method book teaches chords and strumming for accompanying popular music. The curriculum is based on research in motor skill learning and is accessible to anyone wanting to learn to strum popular songs. The book includes online video and audio companion.


Congratulations! Guitar is one of the most fun and rewarding activities out there. But it certainly does not come without its challenges. Strumming and picking require a tremendous amount of motor coordination and can be very frustrating if you try to learn songs that are too difficult too quickly. There are hundreds of guitar methods out there, but here is how this book differs:

We Begin with Chords. The majority of popular songs use guitar to accompany vocals, which means utilizing more chords and strumming to construct the framework of the tune. So you will learn the skills you need to pick up and play your favorite songs right from the start.
Reading chord diagrams is much easier than standard staff notation for the majority of music learners, so you begin playing the songs you want that much more quickly. You will still learn to read musical symbols and notation through these volumes, but at a more gradual pace that doesn’t slow you down in the beginning.
Performing riffs or melodies requires significantly more coordination between the two hands, which requires more fine motor skills. Strumming is often easier than picking because it is more of a gross motor skill, which uses larger muscles and are often easier to develop before fine motor skills used for picking or fingerstyle guitar. While playing chords often involves using more than one finger at a time with the left or fretting hand, your fingers will often move fewer times than if you were playing melodies. This method also includes many chords that are frequently used for popular songs but often omitted from other method books.
Purchase this with “The Oz Ukulele Method” using the code “theozmethod” at checkout to receive $5 off!


Erol Ozsever

About the Author

Erol Ozsever holds a Doctor of Music Degree from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. He is a multi-award-winning guitarist and has published articles and has given lectures on the psychology of music and motor learning. His passion for music of all genres has led him on creative pursuits including rock bands, jazz ensembles, and writing and producing popular music. He currently teaches classical and popular music at the Patel Conservatory and the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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