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Putting Authors First

We aim to provide relevant, modern, and accessible music eBooks.
We are author-centric, valuing content creators and the communities they serve.
All of our authors retain the rights to their work and each purchase you make helps fund school music programs.
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We love and value our authors

By purchasing music eBooks through F-flat books, you are supporting authors and putting music education in schools.

Here’s where the money from each book sale goes

Where your music eBook money goes
  50-70% of proceeds go to the author.
  5% of proceeds go to putting music education in schools.
  25-45% of proceeds go to running F-flat books.

All authors retain rights to their books.
The 5% charity goes to causes nominated by our authors. 

As a reference, traditional publishers pay 4-10% royalties on (the net payout of) a book intended for K-12. There are, of course, reasons to go this route. If you’re an author trying to publish traditionally, we recommend you negotiate your royalty clause.


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