Guitar/Uke Bundle


This bundle contains eBook resources available for immediate download. 

Want to get started with teaching Guitar and Ukulele but don’t know where to start? Do you need some new ideas for your classes? This bundle contains everything you need for teaching (and learning) beginning guitar. And, at 20% off, you can jump right in with these digital resources and save!


There are so many guitar and ukulele method books on the market, but not many focus on the skills you need to play popular music. From veterans in the field, this bundle contains our bestselling guitar and ukulele methods that will make your class fun, engaging and help your students learn to be autonomous musicians (a.k.a. rockstars!!). This bundle includes:

  • The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Method: This is the book that started it all! When Dr. Sarah Gulish founded F-flat Books, she looked for a publisher to distribute her guitar method. After receiving dozens of requests for her guitar curriculum, she knew there was something special that other teachers could use. This book provides everything you need to run a group guitar class–from class structure to individual lesson plans and downloadable assessment tools; this book is jam-packed with guitar class ideas. It also includes video tutorials and editable resources.
  • The Oz Guitar Method: Professor of Guitar, Dr. Erol Ozsever, uses his knowledge as both a classical and modern guitar player to put together a well-sequenced, clear guitar method. This book contains exercises, technical explanations, theory, and more! With a  focus on strumming and chord formation, this book is great for any student looking to play popular or commercial music.
  • The OZ Ukulele Method: Like the guitar method, this book is based on developing a good technique for playing the ukulele and learning common chord progressions. This book contains exercises, technical explanations, theory, and more!


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