Music is Bananas Teaching Guide


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Music is Bananas teaching guide is a companion product to the interactive flipbook, Music is Bananas. Use this guide to craft and execute engaging lessons that connect music-making with science and technology.

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Music is Bananas was created for readers to appreciate the connection of science, technology, and engineering in music. Even though they are different subjects, they can create a fantastic story combined—starring a family of famous yellow produce that you can find in every grocery store. Join Brandon, Beau, Bailey, Benjamin, and Blaze on their adventure as they celebrate their differences, love for each other, and music. 

We hope you find joy in every page and become captivated by the story and characters. Thank you for purchasing this copy and supporting the vision and hard work that went into the production of “Music is Bananas.”

In this teaching guide that accompanies the interactive flipbook, you will find:

  • A lesson plan connecting STEM with active music making
  • Sheet music for songs that can be played on an instrument (including the online piano for Makey Makey)
  • Teaching guide
  • Music is Bananas Poem and Rap lyrics
  • Music is Bananas Song MP3 file

Bundle and save! Use the code “bananas” at checkout and save $5 when you purchase this product with the book, Music is Bananas.

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Elizabeth Desjardins

Javel Perriel

About the Author

Javel Perriel is a certified K-12 music educator living in South Florida, currently teaching K-5 Music, where he has the privilege to guide young minds to think and become future leaders. He is a passionate, innovative, and multi-talented musician whose primary goal is to open students’ imagination and creativity to the marvelous music world.

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“Music is Bananas,” written by Javel Perriel, is about a bunch of famous yellow fruit and their adventure before their big show. Join them on their journey as they share their love for each other, music, and family.


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