When I Grow Up


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This is an eBook for digital download. Each purchase comes with a PDF version of the book and an interactive flipbook with sound. 

Coty Raven Morris, Music Educator and founder of Being Human Together launches a book for children on identity and belonging. Join Coty for an exploration into social emotional learning, wellness for both educator and student, and practical tools and uses for this resource that you could use in your environment today!

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Growing up, there were so many things that I enjoyed doing! Like reading comics, learning about space, making up stories and poems, sports, and even dancing! But my favorite thing to do… was to imagine! I can imagine myself anywhere at any time doing anything, and I could do it all in my backyard. In my neighborhood!
But the older I got, the more I stopped dancing, reading comics, and playing games. The older I got, the less I imagined. Luckily, I had some amazing students and friends who reminded me that my imagination never has to grow up. My imagination was needed to be creative – to think outside the box and help my community even more! The only thing that made my dreams impossible…was my doubt.
I hope this story and the activities inside allow your imagination to blossom and thrive! Know that you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you can dream it. And if you can dream it, anything is possible!

This book includes a PDF version of the book, When I Grow Up, and a link to an interactive digital flipbook with sound and colorful illustrations.

The PDF and book includes: 

  • When I Grow Up story
  • Guiding questions for classroom exploration
  • Activities for students


Coty Raven Morris

About the Author

Coty Raven Morris is the Visiting Professor of Choir, Music Education, and Social Justice at Portland State University and founder of Being Human Together, a budding community normalizing difficult topics in music education through conversation and connection. Through her work, Coty discusses traditionally taboo topics like mental health, systemic oppression, diversity, and inclusivity. Coty is a proud alumnus of Texas State University-San Marcos and Michigan State University, where she obtained a Masters in choral conducting. Morris is a sought-after clinician and artist across the country and has recently served as the Clinician and Headliner for Florida ACDA and Minnesota ACDA...read more. 


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