Orff Bundle


This bundle contains eBook resources available for immediate download. 

Want to dive into Orff-inspired lesson plans, videos, worksheets, and more for your general music classroom? This bundle contains all of our bestsellers centered on the Orff philosophy. Grab this product and save 20% off of the price of buying each resource separately.


Want to sing, say, dance, and play with your students? Are you looking for fresh ideas for your general music classroom?  This bundle contains four bestselling books by an incredible group of authors, and each resource is unique! Click on each title to find out more about the books. Your purchase includes:

  • Orff on a Budget: This book, written by Dr. Amelia Garbisch, provides tools and strategies for embracing the Orff philosophy through movement and music (no instruments required!). This book contains lesson plans, practical tips, and more.
  • It’s Drum O’Clock: During the school shutdown period in 2020, Percussion instructor and elementary music educator K. Michelle Lewis started a daily drum circle that was live-streamed to her students and other children worldwide. “Drum o’clock” became a hit and is now a full curriculum that includes lesson plans, student worksheets, Youtube videos, and sheet music. This resource is great for at-home or in-person learning.
  • Just Orffin’ Around: A veteran Orff-inspired teacher, Syndi McEachern, created this resource to show teachers how to use repertoire in a spiral curriculum throughout the elementary years. This comprehensive book contains practical advice on how to run a classroom and structure activities throughout the year. It also has everything you need to engage students in creative musicking!
  • The Art of Child’s PlayWhen Dr. Martina Vasil was completing research on the way children play, she noticed that children loved using playground songs to make music. This resource is the result of that work! This book contains playground songs and chants used in the classroom and includes notation and video tutorials for each playground game.


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