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This musicianship guide breaks down the main rhythmic and tonal patterns within Lon Beery’s “The Bells” (Three-Part Mixed). It also includes a list of dynamics found throughout the piece.


This musicianship guide, used in conjunction with Lon Beery’s “The Bells” (Three-Part Mixed), breaks down the main rhythmic and tonal patterns within the piece. It serves as a guide and teaching tool for the director. Copied and distributed to students, it can be used for a variety of activities and assessments. Directors can begin with using the guide to teach basic rhythmic and tonal patterns within the song. It is an excellent opportunity to review counting and solfege. As students build their knowledge, they can locate the patterns within the piece. Directors can break students into voice parts for sectional work, using the tonal patterns from their voice part as a focus. The guide can be used for games such as “Name That Rhythm”, “Name that Pattern”, or “Forbidden Pattern”. The guide can also be used for assessment. The director can assign specific patterns to students or even let the students choose the patterns they wish to demonstrate.


Danielle Larrick

About the Author

About the Author

Danielle E. Larrick is a musician-educator in her 12th year of teaching who believes in the value of middle school music as a means of identity, expression, and connection. She focuses on designing practical, innovative, and engaging music curricula for middle school students. Danielle holds a B.M. in Music Education from Temple University and a Masters in Music Education from The University of the Arts. She served as the K-8 music teacher in an urban Philadelphia Charter School for two years. Currently, she teaches general music and directs the choirs at Gerald Huesken Middle School.

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