Chris & Frankie: Intro to Our Ebony and Ivory Keys


by Christopher Singleton

(57 pages, including an interactive flipbook, coloring pages, and printable bookmarks)

This is an e-book for digital download. 

In this engaging story, Chris & Frankie teach young learners ALL about the piano. Through colors and fun memory tricks, learners will be able to identify the notes on the piano keys and learn a song! The interactive flipbook includes a fun narration with musical accompaniment.

You can find Chris & Frankie’s supplemental resource here! Chris & Frankie: Sight Word Stories 1 & 2



Chris & Frankie are two piano characters. Two piano characters that have a major goal. Their goal is to teach you how to find the ABCs of the piano and do what they can to help you retain the information.

Throughout this engaging story, the reader and listener learn the names of the piano keys through color and symbol association. The reader is guided through learning about the instrument, and the book culminates with a guided lesson of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Little readers and learners will be ready to put their piano skills to the test with an engaging backing track!

Chris and Frankie are not afraid to be different. Different doesn’t mean wrong. This uplifting story will encourage young learners to embrace who they are and find their brilliance as a musician. If you know someone ready to learn the ABCs of the piano, Chris and Frankie are ready to teach (as long as Frankie isn’t sleeping).

Each page of the interactive flipbook includes narration, musical cues, and more!

You can find Chris & Frankie’s supplemental resource here! Chris & Frankie: Sight Word Stories 1 & 2

This purchase includes a PDF version of the book, a link to an interactive flipbook, audio tracks, and a printable coloring sheet and bookmark.

About the Author

Christopher E. Singleton Sr. loves to write, so much so that he does it almost on a daily basis. He always was told that he was creative, but never really took it seriously until his time as an undergrad student at Southern Connecticut State University. When time permits he loves to spend time with family and friends by hiking, playing kickball, or having game nights. He mainly hopes to inspire his nieces nephews, as well as his own two sons to be creative, and to not be afraid to share that creativity!


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