• by Christopher Singleton

    (57 pages, including an interactive flipbook, coloring pages, and printable bookmarks) This is an e-book for digital download.  In this engaging story, Chris & Frankie teach young learners ALL about the piano. Through colors and fun memory tricks, learners will be able to identify the notes on the piano keys and learn a song! The interactive flipbook includes a fun narration with musical accompaniment. You can find Chris & Frankie's supplemental resource here! Chris & Frankie: Sight Word Stories 1 & 2  
  • Edward's Rhythm Sticks_Page_02 Edward's rhythm sticks - Willis

    Edward’s Rhythm Sticks

    Interactive eBook This is an eBook for digital download.  Music is Everywhere! Edward’s Rhythm Sticks is a story that shows how much music is a part of our lives. This story illustrates just how fun music can be and how even the simplest things can be made into instruments. This story is a great way for parents and teachers alike to teach rhythm, pattern and sequence. Most of all, parents and teachers can use this engaging interactive eBook to bridge learning, music, literacy and having fun together. Note: To access the interactive flip book, you must check out with an account, not anonymously.
  • Pricilla Plays Percussion Flip Book

    by Zachary Himelhoch

    Illustrations by Daniel Formidoni Priscilla Plays Percussion is the story of a young monkey whose life is changed the day her dad brings home a drum and she discovers her passion for percussion. Follow Priscilla as she explores different types of drums and percussion instruments.    
  • The Golden Seed (La Semilla de Oro)


    by María del Carmen Andrade

    (16 pages, Includes English & Spanish versions) This is an e-book for digital download.  This story is a reminder for little ones and adults that we all have a golden seed inside of us. To find it, we must not give up and keep trying. We may cry when facing difficulties and challenges, but we must never abandon our dreams. Each purchase comes with PDF downloads and access to interactive flipbooks (in both English and Spanish) with music accompaniment tracks. Music tracks by Pedro Andrade, Fernando Muñoz (recording on page 12), and Kate Bright (final recording).  
  • Where are all the instruments flip book

    by Nathan Holder

    Join The Why Squad on an adventure to find all of the missing instruments! Perfect for children aged 2 - 6 to learn about many different instruments in the European Orchestra... Can you find all of the hidden instruments? See a sample!    

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