• by S. Elias James

    (102 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  The Music Tech Student is a compendium of information covering every major music technology topic. It’s a concise and unbiased look at the basics without leaving anything out. You’ll find it’s a fantastic trove of just the right answers to the most common questions from topics including careers, the nature of sound, acoustics, recording studios, DAWs, electronic music, audio processing, live sound, and marketing.
  • by Theresa Hoover

    (60 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  This book a one-stop-shop for music teachers looking to get started, or expand their experiences, with technology in the classroom. Help your students see themselves as musicians both inside and outside the music room by empowering them in the ensemble setting.
  • by Heather Fortune

    (44 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  This book will empower you to create student-centered programs, utilize powerful tech tools, and build community through music. Drawing for decades of experience, Heather Fortune provides inspiration to question and re-imagine school instrumental programs.
  • by Sarah Gulish 

    This is an eBook for digital download. There is growing evidence that a regular gratitude practice will improve well-being and mental health. However, what does it look like to have a regular classroom gratitude practice? This resource contains 50 journal prompts/discussion questions centered on ten themes of gratitude. The questions are general enough to apply to any music classroom at any age level.
  • guitar curriculum cover

    by Sarah Gulish

    (37 pages plus video tutorials and handouts) This is an eBook for digital download. The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum is a must-read for any music educator tasked with teaching a modern guitar class. This detailed text provides philosophy, unit plans, and resources for the development and execution of a relevant and engaging guitar program. The second edition includes updated visuals and curricular extensions.
  • Music in the Air
    Interactive eBook This is an eBook for digital download. Each purchase comes with a PDF version of the book and an interactive flipbook with sound.  Ms. Niki’s Music in the Air eBook takes children on a journey to discover sounds that are always around us. In the story, Ms. Niki asks children in her Music class to listen closely to the sounds and the rhythmic patterns in the air. First, Ms. Niki’s Music Class follows her to the playground to discover the sounds of music. Those sounds include the clapping of children cheering. Next, they begin to clap to the beat. Then Ms. Niki gets the children to hear the rhythms of the stomps from children dancing. Lastly, she points out the pattern of sounds from the insects in the trees. Note: To access the interactive flipbook, you must check out with an account, not anonymously.
  • VivaldiLaFollia FFlat - Notes, Score, Parts_Page_01

    Arranged by Heather Fortune

    This is a digital score available for download only.  It is scored here for Flute, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, and Keyboard. This XML score can be performed "as is" or adjusted to fit your specific teaching situation! Along with the digital score and individual parts, you will receive access to the XML files that can be uploaded to your notation software of choice and adjusted/re-arranged.
  • Sound Advice Cover

    by Gareth Dylan Smith

    69 Pages This is an eBook for digital download. This book is aimed at intermediate to more advanced drummers. Written by a seasoned professional drummer and drum educator from London, England, Sound Advice for Drummers provides tips and provocations about practising, performing, rehearsing, recording and creating music from behind the drums. It is an essential read for aspiring professional drummers.
  • ABA gallery photos action based approaches

    edited by Steve Holley, Kat Reinhert, and Zack Moir

    (208 Pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  Action-based Approaches in Popular Music Education delves into the practices and philosophies of 26 experienced music educators who understand both the how and the why of popular music education. This edited collection represents the variety, the diversity, and the multiplicity of ideas and approaches to the teaching and learning of popular music.    
  • Sale!
    Songwriting cover

    by Kat Reinhert and Sarah Gulish

    (11 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  Do you want to write songs but don't know where to start? Are you an educator looking to incorporate more songwriting in the classroom but don't know how? This resource includes five tips and strategies for getting started with songwriting in the classroom from the authors of Songwriting for Music Educators. 
  • Be the Light BTL cover
    Sheet Music for immediate download This product contains a PDF and MP3s for digital download.  Inspired by Amanda Gorman's poem, The Hill We Must Climb, this up-tempo song will inspire singers, young and old. Be the Light comes with a lead sheet, choral notation, and piano accompaniment as well as instrumental and vocal backing tracks. This song will inspire your young singers to embrace their brilliance and work together to Be the Light in their communities and world! Sample Track:
  • Cover for Songwriting

    Songwriting for Music Educators


    by Kat Reinhert and Sarah Gulish

    (63 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  Do you want to write songs but don't know where to start? Are you an educator looking to incorporate more songwriting in the classroom but? This book is for you! From practical strategies to spaces for personal reflection, this interactive eBook provides tools and support for musicians and educators who want to embrace creativity and personal expression. Both Kat and Sarah bring decades of experience as songwriters and songwriting teachers to this important text. This download comes with links to dozens of additional resources. 


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