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  • Drum O’Clock


    by Yeshima

    (55 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  The purpose of this book is to present a well-rounded approach to music that engages the learner from multiple perspectives using accessible instruments found around the home, as well as the voice and body percussion.  The pedagogy originated from a collection of philosophies found in Orff Schulwerk, Social and Emotional Learning, Community Drum Circles, and Mindfulness. These lessons can be modified for homeschool populations, Non-Traditional Instruction, General Music Classes, and/or community-building events.  This PDF includes links to YouTube videos, plans, and materials for sixteen engaging lesson plans. This book is geared towards upper elementary students. 
  • by Sarah Gulish

    (47 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. The Comprehensive Beginning Guitar Curriculum is a must-read for any music educator tasked with teaching a modern guitar class. This detailed text provides philosophy, unit plans, and resources for the development and execution of a relevant and engaging guitar program. INCLUDES: • video examples • classroom handouts & assessments • a space for typing notes directly into the PDF
  • Edward’s Rhythm Sticks

    Interactive eBook This is an eBook for digital download.  Music is Everywhere! Edward’s Rhythm Sticks is a story that shows how much music is a part of our lives. This story illustrates just how fun music can be and how even the simplest things can be made into instruments. This story is a great way for parents and teachers alike to teach rhythm, pattern and sequence. Most of all, parents and teachers can use this engaging interactive eBook to bridge learning, music, literacy and having fun together. Note: To access the interactive flip book, you must check out with an account, not anonymously.
  • The Creative String Orchestra


    by Marissa Guarriello, Sarah Gulish, and Matt Shaffer

    (103 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  Want to engage your students in creative music-making but don't know where to start? This practical eBook takes you step-by-step through improvising, creating, arranging, and performing with your students. Written from the perspective of three string orchestra educators, these tried and true methods will transform your music classroom into a music laboratory. This interactive eBook includes links to videos, student project examples, editable google docs, and other supportive resources. The authors address topics such as "creativity in remote teaching" and "creativity as social justice," as well as rehearsal and lesson plan ideas that could be completed either in-person or remotely.
  • The Oz Ukulele Method

    Purchase this with "The Oz Guitar Method" using the code "theozmethod" at checkout and receive $5 off! This is an eBook for digital download.  This beginning method book teaches chords and strumming for accompanying popular music. The curriculum is based on research in motor skill learning and is accessible to anyone wanting to learn to strum popular songs. The book includes an online video and audio companion.
  • by Kat Reinhert

    (73 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  A small collection of original secular winter songs and accompanying lesson plan ideas and concepts. With styles of music from country to jazz to funk, these songs are sure to delight students, parents and teachers alike. Smart, sophisticated and modern.
  • by Doug Large

    (60 pages) This is an eBook for digital download. Harmony and Composition made easy with NUMU is designed for the academic calendar with exercises, tests, mid-year and final exams. Once a musician understands even a little harmony (how chords are built) and composition (how chords fit together), it sets them free. An in depth study of Harmony & Composition from a ground-breaking, simplified perspective. Music is based on interval formulas. Only NUMU (Number Music) can clearly illustrate these formulas. This eBook comes with a separate PDF containing midterm and final exams!
  • Songwriting for Music Educators


    by Kat Reinhert and Sarah Gulish

    (63 pages) This is an eBook for digital download.  Do you want to write songs but don't know where to start? Are you an educator looking to incorporate more songwriting in the classroom but? This book is for you! From practical strategies to spaces for personal reflection, this interactive eBook provides tools and support for musicians and educators who want to embrace creativity and personal expression. Both Kat and Sarah bring decades of experience as songwriters and songwriting teachers to this important text. This download comes with links to dozens of additional resources. 


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